The Doo’s Seafood & Deli Story starts in South Korea, where a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lee were in search of a better life for their family and children.  They always worked hard, stayed focused on helping others and maintained a vision that one day they would be able to build something as a family they could expand.  In time, they landed in the U.S. in Louisiana outside of New Orleans and found work to support their family and build a new life.

One day, Mrs. Lee had a vision, it was to recreate the true family style, high quality Cajun food restaurant with home-cooked Cajun seafood in a location that no one thought would succeed.  Friends, family and business men pleaded with Mr. and Mrs. Lee not to open the first Doo’s Seafood & Deli location so they wouldn’t lose their life savings in a bad restaurant investment.  Little did anyone know, Doo’s Seafood & Deli was something different, something no one had seen before.


It took about two months for people to realize this….to experience the quality of the product…to try Cajun food prepared with love and affection and to have as much fun as they did visiting Doo’s Seafood & Deli.  In no time at all, Doo’s Seafood & Deli was known throughout New Orleans as one of the predominant Cajun seafood restaurants in the region.  Doo’s Seafood & Deli was off and running and so were Mr. and Mrs. Lee as they began to support family members in opening new locations mirroring the Doo’s Seafood & Deli business model and successful blueprint.  In time and after many successful locations, Mr. and Mrs. Lee had a bigger vision…to launch a regional and then national brand with Doo’s Seafood & Deli and build a franchise using the recipe proven in Louisiana.

The 2nd & 3rd corporate location of Doo’s Seafood & Deli was opened in Stone Mountain and Snellville, Georgia and the path for growth, success and expansion into a regional brand began to take shape.  We invite you to experience Doo’s Seafood & Deli and guarantee you will feel the passion, love and devotion to what makes every meal filled with love, excitement and most importantly, mouth-watering flavor.

Lilburn, GA

4120 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lilburn, GA 30047

Tel:  770-925-9292


3090 Main St W, Snellville, GA 30078

(678) 580-0851